Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Visichat is a live flash video chat software of Gchat Design Studio.This  software connects you with people from around the world. Connecting is easy with public and private rooms. With breakthrough webcam and voice technology which gives you a real and natural experience.

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* Your Rooms list is created from the simple, clear admin menu. As the owner you can set the name of each room, the max.
number of chatters in each room, and the type of room.

* Visichat public rooms are accessible everyone and can be configured to allow voice, video or both features in the administrator panel.

* Private rooms are accessible only to selected people, as selected by the owner. A Private room can be visible to all on the Rooms list, or admin can set it to be visible only to those who can access it.

* Live Support rooms are accessible by moderators who deal with each site visitor individually.

* Each member has three options: to upload a personal picture, select an avatar from the ones provided, or choose to have no picture. This can all be disabled by the owner.

* If a member uploads a picture or selects an avatar from the list provided, it appears for others. The default list displays neat little mini avatar pictures, to allow larger numbers of avatars to appear on the list. But by hovering on the avatars, you can see their full size avatar picture. This creates a much more personal feeling when chatting especially for members without web cam.

* Each Visichat room displays X lines of chat to new arrivals so a member can quickly understand what has been going on around the time they arrive.

This helps new arrivals to feel 'at home' and quickly grasp the current situation.

* Reconnecting after your ISP or your computer has a glitch is smoothly handled for you. No more frustrating attempts to get back in!

The software reconnects you automatically, often without you even noticing! Reconnection is set so there is no conflict between a manual attempt to login into visichat again and the software timeout.

* Admin can enable/ disable private or public voice chat, private or public video chat options.

* Private message chat is fully featured just like the main chat. Private chat opens in a comfortably sized window, with the capacity for multiple private windows at one time.

* Members can block other members from opening private chat with them (but members cannot block moderators).

* You can view how many people are in each chat room. When someone enters a chat room, the Room list updates instantly and so does the room number indicator.

* Visichat can be transcripted, choosing the period of time to transcript text. This feature also acts as a freeze function to check back in a busy chat for missed items.

* Chat text is parsed to support clickable URLs to open a separate browser window.

* It is possible to use a separate streaming server for video and voice streams such as Flash Media Interactve Server for better performance.

* Emoticon smilies are always popular for everyone to enliven their chat with each other. With the flash source code you can create your own smilies, or add new ones.

* Members can choose a font colour they like on the fly instantly during the chat, as well as Bold, Italic and Underline.

* Members can show they are male/ female/a couple, and give a date of birth in their personal window where they select an avatar or upload a picture.

* The admin menus are particularly clear and comfortable to use.

* Admin can set a default room to auto enter on arrival.

* Admin can make selected members into moderators.

* Moderators can kick, and if necessary ban other members. Moderators cannot kick moderators.

* The userlist shows a table, with name, moderator status, IP address, picture status, email address, ban status, online/ offline status, and Edit/ Delete controls.

* The userlist is paginated and searchable in the administrator panel.

* Admin can set members to receive a prompt to edit their profile when they login into the voice chat.

* Admin can ban a member by username or IP address from the panel.

* If you order Visichat software with flash source codes, you can modify your chat layout. You can create your own preferred layout theme and add it to your video chat. You can change the background image, styles and colors.

* The whole video chat window can be full screen, or compactly sized for embedding the voice and video chat on your webpage.

* You can change the position of each item in the chat in your layout including: room list, user list, history, public messages, the setting panel, login, registration etc.  You can make the user list wider or narrower, so you can make chatters appear in your preferred number of columns.

* You can add your own language file, to customize the communication in your video chat.

* The flash source codes includes all of the flash codes generated with Flash Professional, and its classes.

* The company also offers a voice and video virtual world interactive module, where you can similarly build your own designs.


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